Super Size Me.

Castlevania 4 was the first 16-bit title that was featured in SNES, and one of the best games ever to come out in that system.

The first SNES installment from the vampire-hunting series, Super Castlevania 4 brings Simon Belmont back from the NES days, powered up in a variety of ways and resembling a muscle-bound warrior with a leather skirt to battle the forces of darkness.

This time however, he has complete control of jumping (a big plus), and the ability to use his whip in a variety of ways, including lashing in all 8 directions of the joypad, and also as a shield for enemy fire (a great plus). Also, Simon has a shiny new button to send sub-weapons instead of pushing up and the attack button from early games.

Simon is so advanced, most of the poor demons in this game just fall prey to his superior skills. Even some bosses don't stand a chance against this one-up'd version of the classic series.

Even if this is more like an incarnation than a sequel, it does not disappoint fans at all. The fact that you have to travel trough the countryside during the first stages of the game, then play the final levels in the castle is one of the many things reminiscent of Castlevania III. Some monsters come straight from the last game in their 16-bit incarnations.


The game music features some of castlevania's classic tracks like "Vampire Killer", "Bloody Tears", and features one of the greatest themes ever composed: "Theme of Simon".

Simon is nigh unstoppable save for some gaps here and there. He can now climb the stairs automatically, and can even walk backwards just to show off.

One of the most memorable fights are of the Grim Reaper, whom you find inside that little space between the Clocktower and Dracula's chamber. You know, I always wanted to know what was inside that little place the first time Simon entered a skull-shaped entrance inside a wall, and then came outside in another different section that led him towards Dracula. Very nice, and very damn difficult, since you have to fight both Slogra and a Winged Demon before facing with Mr. Scythe 'n' Skull without much of a break.

And if you think you will clear the stage after defeating these three, you are very wrong, for the last battle with Dracula starts right after the one with Death. It's a good thing that there's a hidden area where you are able to replenish your life, heart supply, and even given that magnificent Cross to the power of III to face him.

You will need all the maxout supplies since the last battle is a bitch, Dracula starts shooting an array of weaponry at you depending of how many life points he has left, and it takes about three hits to replenish each damn square of his bar. Luckily, he at times feels sorry for you and invites Simon to have a drumstick every now and then. He also does not transform into anything this time, but it doesn't mean he can kick your ass if you underestimate him.

After the big battle with Mr. Fang, just like the first Castlevania, shows Simon watching the castle crumbling away, as his hair flows with the wind of a new morning. Teh end.

Even though this game felt more like a remake than a sequel, fans had a ball using all of Simon's new techniques and refined control of his jumps.