DEM BONES~The Castlevania Corner!~ GONNA RISE!


Evening, I'm Leon Belmont. Welcome to the Castlevania section of this mediocre page, in here you will be forced to read opinions about these games. In fact, these are not "reviews", but experiences of every Castlevania title the guy behind this mess tried from both 8-bit and 16-bit eras. Needless to say, Castlevania has been one of his favorite series since the first NES version came out, and he hasn't stopped playing Symphony of the Night in his Playstation even today. That tells you how much this man loves the Castlevania series. Well, until the time *I* showed up that is. What a bastard.

Castlevania-NES 1987

Symphony of the Night
PSX, 1997

Castlevania II-NES 1988
Simon's Quest
Castlevania Chronicles
PSX, 2001
Castlevania III-NES 1989
Dracula's Curse
The GameBoy Titles

Super Castlevania IV-SNES 1991

The GBA Titles

Castlevania: Dracula X-SNES 1995

Lament of Innocence
PS2 2003
Sega Genesis 1994
Curse of Darkness
PS2 2005
Haunted Castle-Arcade
The Dracula X Chronicles
PSP 2007