Nowadays Amy Rose seems to never get enough of her obsession with one day becoming Sonic's lover, and it seems that was the case since her first debut in gaming on Sonic CD, although between that and her revamped look in Sonic Adventure Amy seemingly calmed down for a while on being such a fan girl for the spiny blue blur, something that I personally would like to see more of than what she is today personality wise.

According to a wikipedia article, Amy Rose debuted in 1992 in a Sonic Manga, created by Kenji Terada. In 1993 she was added in Sonic CD to be Sonic's love interest having a sub-plot to the game when you raced against Metal Sonic in order to rescue her in Stardust Speedway. SEGA intended to name her Princess Sally, to try and tie in with the popular Sonic The Hedgehog Saturday Morning Cartoon, but the idea was scrapped and was decided to be an entirely different character altogether.

So what else was there? Surely DiC didn't just came up with the whole concept themselves, Sally would had been based off something within the Sonic mythology, or maybe not, but I had read around online, finding some things here and there which might of contributed on the creation of such an intelligent character that deserves more recognition that was given during the TV series' time in the air. What I am to decribe below is mere speculation, but I can assert that at least some parts of what could be the history behind Sally could well be connected.

After her initial appearance as a damsel in distress, Amy went on taking part in other Sonic spinoff games, such as Sonic Drift, Sonic R, and Sonic the Fighters, the latter which in my opinion, shines best given that she had her own personality and her use of that Piko Piko Hammer which has been a mainstay in contemporary Sonic games. It wasn't until Sonic Adventure on the Dreamcast that Amy would be treated as part of the main line of games, and would also have her own stories and motives to be on them, as well as having a whole new different look, but retaining her obsession with Sonic which increased even more than what was shown in early appearances. Amy would also appear in the Sonic Boom game series with a different design and personality, as well as toning down her love affections for Sonic while retaining her ever handy hammer. Amy Rose played an integral part since her Dreamcast days, appearing in nearly every Sonic related game in different gaming systems either as a playable or supporting character.

In the Sonic Mania animated shorts, Amy seemed to come back to her classic look and stopped being as obsessive with Sonic as she once was. This fits with the overall look of the classic games that were present in the 90s giving a nostalgic touch to her. While this would be the sole time she has reverted to her original design, it is unknown if in future games she will also be presented as such.

In other media, Amy has been introduced in all her variant looks. In comics she would be first shown as she appeared on Sonic CD, which later on would be changed into her Sonic Adventure design. In the likes of Archie Comics she would also have an evil counterpart named Rosy the Rascal, a name which is derived from her appearance in Sonic the Fighters. This version has her being a maniacal character whose only obsession is to distribute chaos and physical harm, something that would not fit on any Sonic related game overall.

While Amy would be absent from the American cartoon series, she would be introduced in the Anime Sonic X, retaining her love addiction to Sonic and also going overboard with her hammer when things didn't go her way. In the Sonic Boom animated series she retained her game counterpart's attitude and personality, which was more of a girl next door kinda thing than anything else, something that in my opinion was a lot more pleasant to watch. Currently Amy is still featured in Sonic games as well as the IDW comics, which retain her Sonic Adventure look and personality. There has not been any word on plans that would feature her on her own game, although I am sure if it were to happen she would be a pretty good candidate in having her own adventures.