The prospect of joining a competitive gaming website having people post their high scores against others sounds pretty neat, until you find out said website is filled with assholes who only allow their close buttbuddies to do as they please and push anyone else away to the point of making others as some sort of enemy to their own conformity. That is what is all about, assholes who kiss ass to the owner of the site, Serious, yet another asshole aspie who sees who is fit to be on his website and who should be picked on and be turned into something everyone should despise on their own little twisted mind.

I joined said site years ago, wanting to compete against other people who would post their high scores on their own sections at said website. You had to submit proof by snapshots and video uploads, something that I was very interested in being that I love old school gaming that held score ranking. The premise was that once you submitted your score and whatnot, the people running the site would judge whether or not honor your submission or reject it. If your submission was valid, you would then go on surpassing the last person's high score on said game and then look for another game that had a high score to challenge and so on. Things were ok for a while, sometimes I would question the decision of some of my submissions not being valid, especially since there is a stupid voting system on that site where you can either upvote or downvote on any member's submission, I guess if you got enough negative voted your own submission would be challenge and even removed, wasn't there long enough to see how that crap worked anyway.

After a while I began seeing angry posts on their message forum, especially one about a member of said site arguing that others would be downvoting his uploads in purpose with proof of his argument that he was bringing. I wasn't feeling too confident by that time and then I would be attacked and harassed by other idiots who happened to be very close buddies of the guy running said site, one of them being a neckbeard named "sixx," who would leave rude comments on my submissions being a total passive aggressive asshole about such. I had to block him on twitter since he would also go over there starting shit with me. I got tired of arguing with his sorry ass to the point of just typing in caps on said site asking anyone in charge to do something about him. The same was about another asshole doing pretty much the same in that place, but this guy sounded more like a damn schizo than anything else, often typing like an autistic kid with cerebral palsy while insulting others at the same time. Unlike "sixx" this guy would get angry responses by many other members besides me asking to be left alone, yet the troll would feed on this and continue being such a fucking nuisance. I often argued with the owner "Serious" on site and on his twitter account asking to do something about those dipshits, but all I ever got in reply was that he had no notion on getting involved, even though is HIS fucking site therefore he HAD responsibility on how others behaved there.

I got tired of this shit therefore I took things on my own hands. I replaced my icon first with a crying kid mirroring how everything was going on said site, but then replaced it again with words written on it, saying "sixx is an asshole" or something similar, the point being that I was tired of that shithead and the fact not even the owner of said site cared that he was bullying me there. All of the sudden the site got into an uproar about this and I was treated like the sole perpetrator of ever doing such a thing to another member on such a site, nevermind the fact that I was being harassed for quite a while by that asshole and the fact no one bothered to even say anything about it, NOW anyone would take notice on doing something about such harassment, and they were talking about ME not "sixx."

Sure enough, I got banned and my icon was reverted to that crying kid so it could have an effect on mocking me without ever being able to come back to said site. I argued about "Serious" toxic decision on how he decided to do anything about me instead of doing the right thing from the very beginning but was blocked without any reply from him. Last I checked someone sent me a screenshot of a post he made on that stupid forum of his, mentioning how horrible I was on attacking another "respected" member and other nonsense, completely turning everything against me as if I simply would just start doing shit to another individual without any reason whatsoever, and how he would decide on setting Moderators so this sort of thing would never happen again. That was some hilarious shit right there, to tell the entire site that you are the sole enemy without any other explanation of why anything happened in the first place, and now enforcing some sort of rule citing Moderators so they could fuck with other members as they pleased, well, those who aren't kissing "Serious"'s ass that is.

I also noted that the replies his post got were mostly positive in his favor, some even mentioning how much of a horrible human being I am and completely ignoring the fact all happened because NO ONE there cared to do something about those couple shitheads who were harassing me and others on said site. If I would know better, I would say that "Sixx" is "Serious's" bitch and suck each other's dick in cybersex.

Itís quite sad that a website where you can become a competitive gamer against others is actually ran by a bunch of assholes who love to harass others and no one has a say on it, unless you get to have everything turned against you and be turned into some sort of evil person who loves to torture poor innocent beings on a mediocre site for no reason whatsoever. I have learned that anyone else who seemingly was on my side of things were also assholes themselves, therefore I decided to block them all on the likes of twitter and never again have ANY part of that website filled with autistic aspies.