Renamon to me is the greatest of all Digimon. She's one of my guilty pleasures. I admire the maturity and seriousness she has over other Digimon characters and the fact she pretty much can take others twice her size without much effort, although she can at times be overconfident thanks to Rika, her tamer being so greedy about wanting her to become stronger in battle. According to Digimon wiki pages, a Renamon can become as intelligent and quite mature depending on the tamer who guides her. Even today Renamon is still one of the top favorites of all Digimon characters, and I am quite pleased that she is still remembered.


I will direct my guilty pleasure about the original 80s movie and not the shit that came out in 2014, trying hard to reboot it when there was no need to do so in the first place. The fact is, the original RoboCop is THE greatest movie ever made, period. I watch it every now and then enjoying every scene and dialogue spoken. I even watch part 2 because it wasn't as horrid as part 3 was, and quite frankly, I love the original movie too much to ever forget it exists. I even watched the televised series and the cartoon back then when they aired, along with collecting comics featuring Robo past and present. I've become a big fan of the crossover with Terminator as well. What's not to like about the 80s original? It has colorful dialogue, memorable quotes, fitting violence in a dystopian future run by millionare corporations who pay thug to do their dirty work. The future of law enforcement lies on RoboCop's metallic shoulders. I'll buy that for a dollar.

Depeche Mode

My favorite electronic synth band from 80s and 90s. My first music CDs ever bought were from that band. Something about the vocalist deep baritone british voice as he sings all those magnificent tunes and lyrics. I still play their music every now and then, preferably at night.