There was a time I worked at Fry's Electronics. It was an OK job, things were mundane. I got accustomed to the douchy kids working there and having to goad customers to sign for their stupid credit card which was something I had to do to meet weekly commissions. Computer Software, DVDs, Music CDs, it was all something that was easy for me to work with. At that time I also had problems with my car which would heat up on the road and complicated things in getting on time at times. For the first few months things were doing fine. I was able to pay rent and buy food for myself for the most part, which was pretty much all that mattered to me.

Then one day some bitch was hired. She was a redhead, at least that was her hair color anyway, which looked like a short wig the kind dykes would wear. She also wore the same cheap black and white get up which made her look like an 80s reject club dancer. I am pretty sure she was also a 16 year old given on her looks. The first day she ever worked there she would play the demo of Tekken 5 with another employee for most of her first day without being on break and then just chat away like a slut to other young male employees at the hardware component parts section of the place. She would do the latter most of the time every day she worked. She would also scribble stupid badly drawn "hentai" porn of female characters with enormous breasts, wasting company copy paper and supplies right in front of everyone on the floor, including customers. She would then happily show her crude drawings to anyone including my supervisor. Everyone thought it was a big laugh being she was just a 16 year old.

To be honest was getting on my nerves, seeing how everyone else in our sales group tried hard to make a living while this little slutty bitch was getting paid for nothing. I tried talking to supervisors and the like, seeing it was affecting the way I worked and pretty much demoralizing morale in the workplace. No one seemed to listen and I tried minding my business which was hard as hell to do. One day while she was flirting with the usual gang of idiots I picked up one of her stupid drawings and improved it by drawing a mustache on it. Boy did she got pissed. I am sure some asshole told her I was the culprit being that she was no where in sight when I did such, proving she was sucking off any other guy in that place. She stopped me by slamming her tiny foot in front of the cart full of merchandise I was working on, screaming at me and acting like I desecrated something meaningful to her worthless existence. It was hilarious but I tried keeping a straight face. I called her a psycho and she stormed off running in her short legs fuming away like a smoke trail from a locomotive in the horizon. I talked to one of my co-workers which witnessed the entire thing but the asshole pretended seeing nothing. Fine, whatever. Suddenly my white balding supervisor who thought Mom jokes was hilarious walks by saying I did a no no which I could care less if I did at this point.

Sure enough I am called over to the office with the head manager, a huge fatass vat of pus named Ray. He was visibly upset at me "mistreating" that whore, never mind the fact she was just wasting company money by doing nothing other than sucking dick to male employees and office supplies paid for by Fry's itself, he was more worried that I messed with her little drawing and calling her a psycho despite the string of obscenities she shouted at me in front of everyone, including the asshole who refused to say anything when he witnessed the entire thing. I rolled my eyes and just nodded like a good boy about it

Couple weeks later the fatman along with his skinny weasel of a yes man fired me stating I was always coming late, which I explained my car overheated and was hard for me to be on time at times. I also stated I *already* fixed the problem and I *did* came early that same day he decided to just boot me from my job. Ray just laughed like Jabba the Hutt, complete with the sliver of green slobber down his corpulent, multi-layered body and stated just because I came early today didn't mean nothing. Fine. Whatever. This was no coincidence. I just left. They could her whore which I was sure sucked that fatass' mushroom dick to get this to happen anyway.

Years later I applied to another Fry's and mentioned I had experience with a prior business. The guy with a stump on his left arm stated in a growling tone of voice they would check on my past history with said store. Given that it I was never called back I can say for certain they probably talked to the asshats who would made shit up about poor little whore.

A few months after I was fired, I visited that Fry's to get some videos. A co-worker saw me and we chatted a bit. Turns out that whore responsible for my demise was now promoted to Supervisor which quite frankly, came at no surprise. I can say that if you got a cunt then all doors are open to you, but at the same time makes me wonder if jailbait Ray was actually sent to jail for underage secual relations with an underage whore. Who knows.