I don't wish ill to any man who actually takes care for their families and are enough to see that their kids are raised right. To anyone else like a certain man who never cared about our family can legit go fuck themselves.

My Father is a man who believes fucking as many women shooting kids everywhere and letting them fend for themselves is manly enough, as his asshole of a brother had taught him. He never was there for us and would just abandon us when we were young, coming to the US with the pretext that he was going to make life easy for us. What he ended up doing was having all sorts of free time without any form of responsibility so he could go and meet any whore he could find about and live life as a bachelor once again. Yeah, he would send money any other month but 30 dollars was not enough to feed us much less get us to the doctor if we needed it, even for those times. He did this because he knew if Mother was smart enough to hire law help to denounce him, he would be prepared with the money order stubs arguing that he did indeed was taking care of us.

Before he brought the entire family along he would take me first and that was when I saw with my own eyes that he was indeed sleeping with another woman while living in her own house. I probably guess that he was also fucking that 13 year old fat whore of her daughter as well. Without saying much about it he was upset that he had to move out the place because he brought me along. What a guy. That did not stopped him from snagging some other fat bitch who had two little girls though, sleeping with her in the same room where I had my bed in.

When he finally brought the entire family he would still be doing his little dastardly things, such as claiming to be working overtime when it was found out all those extra hours he would be absent he was spending them with yet another fat bitch from the same place he was working at, and later on have a bastard child with her. We found about the latter after some idiot friend of his spilled the beans about my "other brother" while drunk. At that time Father thought he could had cared less since we were old enough to be ousted for any form of child support attempts if Mother tried anything and left again. This time for good. He had this notion that because we were practically adults (or at least of legal age anyway) that he had no responsibility with is any longer. Nevermind I was his firstborn child, he just had no reason to care.

Father never cared in raising us nor stay with us long enough to even see him as such thing. It is a miracle we survived our childhood being dirt poor while he was living it up. When I had confronted him about it he would just keep on showing his card about being A MAN and that A MAN can do as he pleases.

Sorry, a man would do the right thing like raising his family and taking responsibility, not fucking women swinging his dick all about. Animals do that because that's how nature intends it. Human beings have evolved past that.

So yeah, fuck Father's Day. Has no meaning to me.