Double Dragon...the VIDEOGAME

Oh yes, the game was just like the movie...which explains why not many really took it seriously.

Of all the Double Dragon catastrophes I have played, this one has eluded me by a mile. Even if it was released on the Neo-Geo system, whose arcade cabinets still lingo around in laundry shops and the like, there wasn't a single one of those which carried such game. Since I've never got the honor to spit all over this mostroucity, I cannot go on and review it as I did with the rest of the games, I can just spectulate based on screenshots I found on the web and the rep that emerged from documented sites and periodicals.

After seeing the movie and finding about this game, I have carefully deduced a conclusion about it, even if I hadn't tried it yet, I can sate that the

That was until I finally got the chance to waste a portion of my time on this world playing it. To be honest, the game ain't that bad at all, surprisingly as it sound to anyone reading this. Although thre premise is still crap, basing a fighting game on a movie,, that was based on a videogame.

There is the thing of having said characters from a movie based on the game, and not the same characters used in the classic beat'em ups which really unsettles me. In fact, there are a bunch of guys in said game which never made an appearance in the movie NOR previous games for that manner. What's even funnier, we get to see Marion finally putting up her gloves and joining in the smackdown rather than being kidnapped for the 1,000th time throughout the entire series.

But that would be an orthodox being that Marion supposed to be 6 feet under since the Arcade version of Double Dragon II. That was one of the things I never understood about it, the other thing would be that Technos probably didn't bother to have anything to do with this game other than the fact that the company logo might appear in the credits of this thing. Maybe Neo-Geo tried to revive the franchise, even though it was beaten to death after various ridiculous spinoffs and a craptacular cartoon series. Being that there was another Neo-Geo game based on a weird-out version of dodgeball featuring a character from River City Ransom, which in turn is also a Technos character, I can only assume that it has been selling its franchise to SNK (oops, I mean PLAYMORE) the way Data East did with some of its games.

To me, this game would make no damn sense as it did with Double Dragon "5". Being that both games are based on a movie and cartoon series that were loooooooooooooosely adapted from a popular videogame series.

But like I stated, it isn't that bad at all, it keeps making this product placing about the movie everywhere, including having low resolution animated clips from said movie, and Mr. T-1000 making a sneer without actually appearing in the game at all. I am not sure where all this going in this game, but since something called "Fighter's History" and "World Heroes" spawned from nowhere and went nowhere as well, it would make sense that this fighting game followed in the same direction. It's a good thing that there was nothing else involving Double Dragon, at least, nothing else that would keep spraying crap all over its faltering reputation. I mean, Double Dragon Advance could've been the sole thing that saved the franchise from being remembered as another victim to Hollywood and bad game spinoffs.

Regardless, this game gets a C, all because of the play mechanics aren't exactly crap, but they do a nice job ripping off the same HADOKEN SHORYUKEN SONIC BOOM illness that other fighters kept falling victim to.

Oh yeah, Abobo turns into a pile of crap just like in the movie. Some things never change.

Wish that were true, Abobo...

Gameplay: 6
Graphics: 7
Replaybility: 4
Music/Sound: 4
Story: 1