The Genesis versions featured a lot more from the movie
than in the NES, but it still lacked that special something to make it cool.

Not too long after Sunsoft released bats on the NES, Sega players were treated to a 16-bit version of the game. However, this game did follow the movie in terms of plot, game design, and even added more of Vicky Vale here than the NES version ever could have dreamed of.

Plus, you got to use the bat-grappler, which was a life-saver many times.

In this game, you actually get to dump Mr. Jack into the barrel of green goo that turned him into the Joker, in a more realistic version of the Axis Chemical Plant...well, almost, I don't recall the film having laser turrets aiming at bats at all.
Jack prefers to commit suicide rather than to kiss Batman.

Your assortment of bat-weaponry is VERY short here, think batarangs-only short. Also, Batman can somersault in the air, but it does little to avoid enemies and such. One curious thing about this jumping business: Batman can decimate enemies with his feet alone, makes me think he had help in treaining by Mario himself.

The graphics, as expected, are clean and sharp, with music being only at average level.

Enemies vary, from gun-toting thugs to boxing bums and some guys with swords. Pretty basic, but at least it resembles the array of nasties featured in the film.
Batman shows off his
butt-flasher kick.
Perhaps another nice feature in the game are the Batmobile and Batwing stages. You battle Joker's lackies on the streets of Gotham with missiles and even destroy those huge balloons featured in the film.
Batman: The racing
The coolest Batwing. Ever.

Even though this version follows closely to the movie version, I can't help to feel that it was a bit hollow, and that the NES version had a better chance of being better. I am not sure why this is, since Batman in the NES was a pain to play with most of the time.

But hey, you still get to push the Joker from the cathedral, so the joke's on him.
Batman faces his fears in the form of mimes.

"Where does he get all
those wonderful toys?!"

Veridict: Graphics-10 Sound/Music- 7 Playability- 10 Replay- 7 Control- 10

BAT-GRAPPLING ACTION- The Sega Genesis version has a more movie-inducing feel to the game, but it lacks a bit on the whole Batman thing. As to why, it is still a mystery.