I was born in Indiana and was raised in Mexico after turning 4 years old. During my childhood there I learned to love videogames and cartoons, my home away from home were the various Arcade places I would hang out after school and the weekends when I wasn’t watching any animated shows on TV. As a poor kid raised in a poor family, said things I would take for granted, being that was pretty much all that I had back then. The Atari 2600 was the first console I ever owned, being that my cheapskate father would not bother getting me a Nintendo when it was out during said times. I loved it however, had plenty of games I played on it from time to time. My father was a womanizing bastard who decided to leave us in order to come back to the US and pretend to be a single man while the rest of us were starving at home. Mother was no better, being an alcoholic witch and going out every weekend to have fun with her equally drunk relatives while I would be locked up at home all night long until she would show up the next day. This was a childhood I would not like experiencing ever again.

Father decided to have move all of the family back to the US, this time in Dallas. Before he brought Mother and his Daughter, I spent some time with him, learning that he would sleep with any other woman he could get around as I was present. When Mother caught on that she decided to be a drunk once more, being she felt she had more freedom to as she pleased. My only focus then was graduating from High School, it also a cesspool which I refuse to ever visit again. I did managed to graduate at the very least, and decided that would be the only thing I ever needed in terms of “education.”

Years later I lived on my own, not boithering with having anyone around because quite frankly I am not a people person at all. I was injured working for that cesspool called walmart and am currently living with injuries, but it does not stop me from enjoying life and designing videogame stuff.

About what I like, well, I'm into researching the occult, mysticism, and Religion stuff, it interests me how much lore human history holds. I like the study of Egyptology and Ancient Egypt related things. I enjoy music, mostly Rock and Techno-like stuff. The only thing I dislike is Country music. I enjoy movies of the Horror and Western genre. I am an avid Comics collector and like old school gaming.

I am a Pisces, born March 19th, Chinese Horoscope is the Horse.